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Hey BB,

If this is about an item missing or damaged from an order, skip to the bottom and send me an email.

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Otherwise, please read the following: 

Hi My Precioues BB,

So happy to see you here, I'm guessing you have a question. Before you email me, have you checked the FAQs? What about read this paragraph below?

Detailed reading is one of my favorite skills as you probably know, the answer might already be here!

As always I would I'd love to hear from you, and I promise to get back to you as soon as possible.




If you already read the FAQs you can skip this. If not, 

Please do not contact me about the following:

1. I do not do collabs, or partnerships, or giveaways, or any other product donation at this time. It feels unfair to do such when my paying customers are on a waiting list, and I don't have time for all of them. While I appreciate all of the beautiful content people create, I prefer if they create it authentically - without enticements from me. 

Please note:

If you are emailing me about the following topics, I promise you I will read these, but I do not promise to respond. Spoon conservation.

I am so honored you would think of me and grateful for your interest!  

I am not currently interested in wholesaling and do not know when I will be. Again, it feels unfair for me to make commitments to stores, when I can't meet all the demand I have here on this website, direct to consumer. 

If you would like to interview me for something. I get so many requests it would be impossible for me to do all of them. It's becoming hard for me to politely decline every single one because I remember when I was a blogger just starting out. I strongly encourage you to consider in your appeal why you think I am the best possible person for this, why what you're doing is important, and how it can benefit you. If possible, please try to avoid including what I can do for you. I hate to be Mom all the time but I get so many messages from people that are long lists of what I could do for them. I wish I could help everyone but I can't and it makes it harder for me to have time for the cool stuff I love to do. #radical honesty