Please remove the white safety seal inside the cap before use. 


Color and label preferences will be taken into consideration but I cannot promise you'll get the label you ordered. It is the oil inside that matters! 


Orders take 24-48 hours to process. Please expect delays during Mercury in Retrograde. 


Please note, single BBs come with one sticker. All others come with two stickers. Stickers are limited edition and I do not take requests. 


There's something wrong with my order - it's damaged, missing something, or says delivered but isn't!?! 

First, oils are tricky. Even when I receive them from the distillary there is frequently leakage around the top. I do not replace leaking bottles unless they arrive damaged. Oils expand and contract from minor changes to temperature. It may not appear all the way full when you open it. A little bit of leakage around the top can occur during filling, and does not impact the product. Leaking while upright is a sign of temperature changes and you might want to store the product elsewhere. 

color may vary - even if the ingredients don’t. Though I use the same recipe every time, you’ll still see a color variation from batch to batch. 

Working with essential oils is tricky it’s like baking cookies - who knows why they don’t turn out exactly the same every time! 
Email me with order issues by clicking on the Contact button. Please don't DM me with order issues. 


What is with the Spoons?

Read my post on "What is a Spoonie?" or read the original blog post that launched Spoon Theory by Catherine Miserandino.

What is Leo Oil?

Leo Oil is a blend of blue tansy, rosehip seed oil and meadowfoam seed oil. It is a powerful, hand-blended recipe, made from raw ingredients, known in the holistic community to act as a moisturizer that also treats and heals irritated skin.*

On the skin, applying a green color acts as a natural antidote to redness. People who use it** report feeling more comfortable in their own skin. They love how it feels and smells. They love how they feel about their skin after they use it. IT IS A MAGIC POTION, and I make no claims to its efficacy, it’s safety, or anything else that you could sue me for. 

*This statement has not been tested or evaluated by anybody. Not the FDA, not any other letters. I make no claim to being organic, safe to use on the human body, free from anything, or otherwise safe. If you choose to use Leo Oil, hand-blended, in a personal kitchen you do so at your own risk. I also encourage anyone who can't afford to pay for the bottle and my time to make their own batch, the recipe of which is available on my blog, www.leowithcancer.com

**Their pictures and reviews can be found throughout the website. 

What is Virgo Oil?

Using the same "base milk" of super effective carrier oils, Virgo oil replaces blue tansy with flaxseed oil. 

Where do you source your oil from?

I source them through the internet because if was a small farmer with good oil that's where I would sell it.

Are your ingredients organic?

They claim to be, but I haven't done my due diligence enough to make the same claim. And so to be safe, I say I no (Under promise and over deliver!) 

How do I use Leo Oil/Virgo Oil?

I can't tell you that either, because in order to protect myself from lawsuits I want to remind you that Leo Oil is a MAGIC POTION made in my kitchen. I can't even tell you to put it on your skin. In fact, this is me telling you not to put it on your face or body or anywhere else so you can’t sue me. Being a small business owner is hard... 

That said, most people who use the recipe with efficacy use it in one of three ways - as a serum, twice a day, by applying lentil sized drops on the high point of their faces and melting into the skin with the heat from their hands. Some people use it under or over makeup to reduce redness.

Some people use it as a mask by applying a thick layer before bed. Some people mix it into their moisturizer or masks.

Ultimately part of Leo Oil is knowing your own skin, paying attention to what it needs and what feels good to you, and adjusting your skincare accordingly. It requires mindfulness and awareness. 

I have been told people use it on razor burn, eczema and psoriasis. Some people are allergic to the ingredients. A lot of people love the smell but it gave one person migraines. Ultimately you should always spot test. I am not telling you to put it anywhere on your precious body or face. 

Please be safe when using this product. I do my best to be as clean and sterile as possible, but as I disclose everywhere, it's made in my kitchen! I am not a doctor or a scientist. As with anything you put on your skin, do a spot test. If irritation occurs after the spot test, stop using it. Because of my own sensitive skin, I encourage you to send it back to me if you don't like it for any reason, and I will refund you. Be smart when using all natural products. The ingredients are "shelf-stable" but treat them kindly and they will do so back. This has no preservatives, it is a raw, natural, cold-extracted product from a variety of plants and should be treated as such. 

The products freshness time is listed in the product descriptions. 


Is this safe for my (fill in the blank) type skin?

I don't prescribe to the idea of skin types, because I myself have such combination skin, that part of the impetus for creating these products was not to have to treat my face like a patchwork quilt. 

I can't promise you these products will be safe for any skin type - but nobody can. Each and every one of us has a unique biome, biochemistry and just whole situation that will make it impossible to determine how each and every person will react. Spot test. If you hate it email me and I'll take care of you. 

There is just no way to know. Most of the people with sensitive or acne prone skin report no problems, many find it helps to reduce outbreaks, irritation, and redness. Many opt to use it instead of foundation and, as a result of that, experience less congested skin. Ultimately, I can't promise you safety. I can't even tell you how to use it on your face. (See above) But I can tell you that of the thousands of bottles I've sold there are probably people using it with your skin type and enjoying it and tagging me in it on Instagram. 

Where do you ship?

I currently ship to the US for free.

I ship to the following countries for $20

Afghanistan, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada ($17 import tax), Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Sweden, and the  United Kingdom.



RE: Collabs 


Thank you for your interest in asking to represent my brand. I do not do collabs, partnerships, giveaways, or any other product donation at this time. While I appreciate all of the beautiful content people create, I prefer if they create it authentically - without enticements from me. Please do not use the contact me form to inquire about this, or reach out via my Instagram. 

Can I stock Leo Oil in my store?

Thank you so much for this tremendous honor. I am not currently  wholesaling and do not know when I will be.  It feels unfair for me to make commitments to stores when I can't meet all the demand I have here on this website, direct to consumer. I appreciate your understanding and if you want to be on the waiting list please use the contact form. 

Can I interview you? 

I get so many requests it would be impossible for me to do all of them.  I remember when I was a blogger just starting out and I hope that you know if I could I would respond and say yes to all of you. I'm in Spoon preservation mode. The less time I spend declining the more time I have to create (and do interviews.)  I strongly encourage you to consider in your appeal why you think I am the best possible person for this, why what you're doing is important, and how it can benefit me. If possible, please try to avoid including what I can do for you. I hate to be Mom, all the time but I get so many messages from people that are long lists of what I could do for them. I wish I could help everyone but I can't and it makes it harder for me to have time for the cool stuff I love to do. #radical honesty ya know? 

I want to send you my product!

I have incredibly sensitive, picky skin, and, a very small apartment. I am honored you want to share your product with me and if I am interested in receiving it I will get back to your email, use the contact form below. 

Why haven't you written me back? 

I am so honored you would think of me and grateful for your interest!  I will read and save your requests, but I can't keep up with responding to all of them. If you don't hear from me, I can't work it out at this time. 

I'm having issues opening the old glass dropper bottles! Please help!

These delicate beauties have a tendancy to get stuck when the dropper is not returned properly to it's finicky, threaded home. The two methods with the best results are hot(almost boiling) water to soften the plastic top (the oil should be protected by the thick glass bottle, or taking a pair of scissors and cutting out the rubber. It's a standard necksize and can be switched out for any dropper, or the black cap provided can be reused. So so sorry about this!